The 2 Week Diet

What is the natural beauty definition?

What is the natural beauty definition?

What is the natural beauty definition?

Natural beauty definition is really different from one person to another .but in this article we will focus on women beauty and her prospective.

In my honest opinion, it’s in the way a girl carries herself. How comfortable she is in her own skin, with or without makeup.

Everyone is beautiful in their unique way, and just because you don’t cater to someone’s taste, it doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

How to Become a Natural Beauty?

1-Believe that you are beautiful.

Believing that you are beautiful is the most efficient way to be beautiful with some more steps.

2-Brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day; follow with a restorative mouth wash.

3-Get some exercise.

Working out isn’t all about dropping pounds. But also help you in a lot of things such as

  1. smoother, more radiant skin
  2. greater self-confidence
  3. increased stature
  4. better immunity and detoxification
  5. more restful sleep
  6. less excess fat


4-Have healthy hair.

The secret to think, strong, shiny strands isn’t an expensive shampoo or fancy salon treatment—it’s all about your diet.

Eating a variety of healthy foods will give you the mane you’ve always dreamed of. Fill up on these nutrients to begin growing your healthiest hair ever.

  1. Iron and zinc help hair follicles to grow
  2. Vitamin D: several studies have found that vitamin D may help activates hair growth.
  3. Protein : Protein is one of the building blocks of life, promoting cell growth and repair
  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids : Eat fatty fish (like salmon) twice a week for hydrated hair


5-Clear up your skin

Learn to accept and love your skin even if it is not clear or even toned. Place the cleanser in a small spray bottle for a light misting that you can use throughout the day and follow with a moisturizing face cream with a sunblock.


6-Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the important thing that makes you beautiful.

It is wonderful and we don’t do it nearly enough. Aim for the bare minimum 7 hours of sleep and shoot for 9-10 hours.


The 2 Week Diet

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