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Water and Weight loss and alcohol

Water and Weight loss and alcohol

Water and Weight loss and alcohol

What are the relation between water, weight loss and alcohol  ? here is the answer

Everyone knows that losing weight means cutting down on your calorie intake and burning more calories through exercise.

However, many people fail to consider the impact that their drinks have on their weight loss goals. Drinks contain calories just like food, but some drinks can even hinder your weight loss efforts in other ways! Here’s a guide to the main drink categories you need to watch while losing weight.

Weight loss and alcohol

Many people are good at looking at their diet and knowing what they should and shouldn’t eat, but don’t take time to look at their alcohol consumption in the same way. Alcohol should be accounted for as part of your daily calorie allowance, so a couple for drinks a day will soon add up!

And they don’t call it a “beer belly” for nothing: research has shown that alcohol can actually reduce the rate at which your body burns calories! It can also lead to some pretty unhealthy cravings, so it’s important to be careful.

Coffee, Tea And Weight Loss

Some other drinks that many of us have every single day include coffee and tea. But are these helping or hindering your weight loss efforts? Studies have shown that any drinks containing caffeine can interfere with weight loss. The stimulation that occurs after you drink caffeine, whether from coffee, tea or even soda, really isn’t good for cravings!

Many of us also even link the drinking of tea or coffee to eating a snack. In this case, even if the coffee itself isn’t doing you any harm it’s still encouraging your snacking habit, which isn’t going to help you lose weight!

Many people drink green tea for weight loss. There’s been a lot of hype over this drink in recent years, and studies have shown that green tea extract may help you to lose weight. However, drinking too much green tea means you’ll still experience all the negative effects of caffeine listed above.


Many people switch their unhealthy sodas for juice when trying to lose weight, on the assumption that this is “healthy”. While it’s true that fruit juice does come with more health benefits than sugary drinks, you still have to be careful about how much you’re drinking. Make sure you choose juice without added sugar and include the calories within your daily allowance. Try not to have huge amounts in one go, as you’ll want to keep your blood sugar levels stable.


When you are attempting to lose weight, it is crucial that you consume sufficient drinking water. Not just how about this particular to maintain a person hydrated as long as you’re exercising, you will also wish to utilize it in an effort to help to make reducing your weight simpler. There is no wonder remedy with regard to reducing your weight, however drinking water arrives fairly near.

Are you aware that that which you believe is actually food cravings is usually desire? Consuming much more drinking water because regular every single day may decrease individuals urges which pressure you to definitely overindulge. As well as consuming a few portions of drinking water prior to every dinner might help fill up a person as much as avoid eating too much. This particular causes it to be much easier to lessen your own part dimensions!

The simple truth is which drinking water is definitely greatest.

If you are accustomed to consuming espresso, sweet beverages, alcoholic beverages as well as soda pop, after that progressively changing all of them along with drinking water can help unwanted weight reduction initiatives, even though you perform absolutely nothing otherwise!

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