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The Benefits of Yoga after pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga after pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga after pregnancy

Are you pregnant but want to keep fit? Then yoga could be what you are looking for. Yoga after pregnancy is important because yoga makes recovery quicker. Yoga and meditation played a significant role in the relaxation of mind and helping in settle within.

When you’re pregnant, it sometimes feels like your body has been taken over by aliens.

All the things you thought you knew about yourself go out the window as your body does its amazing work.

Change that is out of your control can lead you to feel disconnected from your sense of self.

In yoga, we often say that your body is different every time you get on the mat, and we work on accepting that change is a constant.

In pregnancy, this is doubly true.

Yoga helps you reconnect with your body and embrace its journey.

Yoga classes are a great way to prepare you for the birthing process and to enjoy the company of other pregnant women, fostering a sense of community that should not be undervalued.

Many new moms’ support systems and toddlers’ playgroups have emerged from the bonds forged in prenatal yoga.

Yoga breathing exercises can be incredibly helpful during and after pregnancy for calming and centering purposes, and to maximize oxygen flow when you need it.

Breath control is an invaluable asset for pain management in labor and birth, especially for those hoping to forego medical pain relief options. Teaches you to breathe

Yoga helps you open your hips for childbirth

Not only does yoga make your body stronger all over (a huge asset in childbirth), but as your pregnancy progresses, your practice can be tailored to focus more directly on birth preparation.

Squats and other hip-opening poses can help your baby get into position and help with pushing.

Some yoga teachers will work directly with women in the end of the last trimester to give them tools to cope with pain and ease childbirth.

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