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best hair color for me

best hair color for me

best hair color for me

what is the best hair color for me ? Choosing a hair color can be exciting as it is challenging. A color change is a perfect way to give yourself a makeover. So what’s the best way to find the right color for you? First you’re going to need a little background in hair color mistakes.

” 0-It’s so different when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience. It’s fun – I love changing up my hair.” ~ Kate Bosworth

hair color mistakes.

Solid colors, no matter what color, will make you look older. Monotone colors lack dimension and look bland.

Going too light (like platinum blond) or going too dark (like jet-black) has an aging effect. While we may be fans of nice platinum blond, it’s not always a great choice.

That color sometimes tends to be too pale, almost grey, that it takes away the warmth of your skin tone and can be as unflattering as going too dark.

Just like going too light, dark hair colors can also add more years to your face and minimize its warm color, making you look pasty, especially if you already have fair skin.
So now that you have a little background on the don’ts of hair coloring, let’s talk about the dos.
When it comes to picking out the right hue for you, don’t wander too far from your natural hair color.

The rule to choosing a color

The rule to choosing a color is to stay within two shades of your natural tone so that your look remains natural and youthful.

While it’s true that highlights can visually slim your face because they force the eyes to look vertically instead of horizontally, the way highlights and low-lights are placed are imperative to achieving a brighter and thinner face.

Your hair should be brightest at the top of your head and around your face, and your high and low-lights should be golden shades to bring out the warmer tones in your face.

Ombre hair is the current hair trend, but if the color change starts at the jawline it accentuates the fullness of your chin, so if you’re worried about drawing attention to that part of your face, start the color change in a different place.
Once you’ve chosen your color, try adding length with hair extensions as length attracts the eye downward, giving you a slimmer look.

The easiest way to match your hair to the right shade of extensions is to use a color swatch. You can also use it to pick the best colors for highlights.

Here’s a fun fact :

unless you desire to plod through the method regarding putting harsh detergents to help whiten your hair with regard to reduced along with shows, exts undoubtedly are a fantastic, effortless means to own very same search without getting your hair through the colouring method!

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